Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates involves exercises for the back, neck, abdominal, hip, pelvis and pelvic floor regions. The Pilates’ principles of abdominal control and breathing are taught throughout the class. Classes are designed to complement any rehabilitation you are undertaking. By targeting global core stability strength, Pilates’ instruction will be of benefit to all. All attendees receive a home exercise program to continue their rehab at home.

Please note that due to Private Health Insurance changes Pilates' classes will no longer be able to claimed on your health insurance from 1st April 2019. However our Group Physio sessions will continue to be able to be claimed.
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All new participants will be required to complete an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists prior to starting the class. This is a safety measure for us and ensures you get the most out of your class. You will need to be able to get down onto the floor, as classes are conducted primarily on the floor. Classes are instructed by our team of qualified Physiotherapists who have special interest in women’s health, sports injury rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates.

Several different sessions are held each week – bookings are essential as numbers are limited. Book now