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Whether it be for pain relief, enhancing sports performance or simply to unwind and relax, our experience in massage can be the vital necessity for optimal health and performance.

A one to one pre-massage consultation helps get the best from your visit, to ensure we target all the right areas and focus on the correct treatment on your visit. We provide soft tissue therapy, sports massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage.

Mobilisation and Manipulation

Optimum physiotherapists utilise mobilisation and manipulation techniques as part of our treatment. This is done by applying controlled pressure to a joint of the spine or limbs, often beyond its passive range of movement. The goal of the treatment is to relieve pain and improve physical function.

Mobilisation/manipulation at Optimum Clinic may be used to treat pain and stiff joints, acute/chronic injuries and sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, neck pain and headaches.

 Dry Needling and Acupuncture

Dry needling is used to treat muscle pain, tension, inflammation and spasm which commonly accompany conditions such as arthritis, nerve irritation, strain and herniated discs.

At Optimum, we provide dry needling to reduce pain, reduce the intake of pain relieving medication and reduce tissue related swelling.
We also provide acupuncture, a similar therapy to treat conditions such as headache, lower back pain and osteoarthritis

Cupping is a gentle and effective technique that aims to restore function, movement and flexibility to the soft tissue that connects the body’s muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Derived from traditional Chinese medicine, cupping uses either heat or suction to create a vacuum effect in a glass or plastic cup, which is placed on the skin. The vacuum acts to gently lift the skin and underlying tissues, to break up cross linkages between the tissue layers that limit our flexibility. Cupping also promotes the hydration of these tissues to help prevent further cross linkages from forming.

It is not uncommon for clients to occasionally have residual marks, similar to bruising, from cupping, on the surface of their skin, but these are usually painless and will clear within 2 to 7 days. Cupping is a highly effective technique which you will find very gentle and highly enjoyable. Cupping is known to help activate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and is extremely useful for deep tissue repair.

When muscles are not working at their maximum capacity such as when injured, the muscles can become stretched or long. This results in knots being formed which can in themselves cause pain. If the pressure is placed on the trigger point for a certain duration, the knot will be release and the muscle will return to its optimal length. This can be done via pressure alone e.g. with fingers/hands or via dry needling.

Quite often following injury, an affected joint will be working slightly out of alignment. This can cause pain but also lead to the presence of knots or trigger points through the muscle. If the joint is misaligned for too long this can radiate pain to other areas of the body. Taping can help to keep the joint in a neutral position allowing tissues to relax and work more efficiently. Taping can also be used to prevent a joint being stretched beyond what they are used to e.g. following a shoulder or kneecap dislocation.

Biomechanical assessment looks at the way in which our joint and muscles move together as we walk, run and function during our daily activities. It includes clinical gait evaluation such as observing the global picture of your body at work to assess the role your feet are playing in any dysfunction.

Many joint problems start at your feet. If you feel pain in your neck, back, hips or knees, begin by checking your feet. Your feet are your foundation; they allow you to stand, walk and run. They support our weight and act as our body's main shock absorbers. Your feet contain one-quarter of your body's bones. Each foot has 26 bones and 19 muscles. Without a solid, balanced foundation the entire body becomes prone to imbalance and injury.

Optimum Clinic’s Biomechanical Assessment allows us to identify any existing or potential issues and develop a treatment plan that will benefit your entire body.